COVID19 Risk Assessment – download by clicking on the link below

Masks – pupils in year 6 and below are not required to wear masks. Those in year 7 and above are recommended to do so in communal areas and corridors if social distancing cannot easily be maintained. Special schools can bring in this procedure at their discretion based on their own setting and needs of pupils. After consultation with NASS and reference to guidance for special schools, we will not require pupils in Year 7 and above to wear masks. Our systems and procedures at both sites ensure that social distancing is maintained at all times when pupils move around the school site. Removing and putting on masks constantly throughout the day also gives cause for concern regarding hygiene and transmission if pupils are unable to do this correctly. There is also the potential for communication/anxiety issues to arise if faces cannot be seen. Thus said, if any parent/carer wants their child to wear a mask then this will be respected equally so for staff members. Masks must be worn for all cooking lessons and taxi journeys as before.

Letter to parents from the government:

Factsheet for parents of pupils 16 and over regarding the NHS COVD19 app. Please note if your child has this app on their phone, the school policy regarding mobile phone use during the school day still applies. There will be no exceptions to this.


Reusable/washable masks. Please ensure your child has a spare, clean mask to put on at the end of the day.

Disposal masks

Are disposed of (in accordance with government guidance) when your child arrives at school, therefore, they must have a clean mask to put on when they go home. Please ensure you send your child to school with two masks. The school is unable to provide replacement masks except in the case of an emergency.

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