School Life

We believe our method of educating young people with special educational needs is of the highest calibre for the following reasons:

It has been proven, from our achievements over many years of working with such young people, that our methods are a success. Evidence of this can be found from the feedback of current pupils, parents and carers, past pupils, local authorities and other relevant agencies.

Our Ethos is Firm, Fair, Friendly & Fun

Our Mission Statement

To educate and encourage young people to value their lives and place in society whilst offering a unique educational and social experience.
Aims – for all members of the school community we aim to:

A statement of values:

  • Education influences and reflects the desired values of society and the kind of society we want to be. As members of the school community, we recognise a broad set of commonly-held, formal values that underpin the school curriculum and life at the school.
  • The values and aims of the school are closely linked. The aims of the school provide the essential context within which the school functions.
  • Valuing ourselves as individuals within a caring school community.
  • Valuing the highest levels of academic attainment, personal achievement and aspirations for life.
  • Valuing the family, friends, wider groups to which we belong and other members of society.
  • Promoting commonly-held, traditional values.
  • Valuing the environment and the world in which we live.

In support of our values and aims, we have a series of aspirations which we intend to fulfil through the development of the school’s unique and specialist culture. We intend to deliver these through the effective enactment of our school and community development plan.

We will:

  • Offer an educational and social experience entirely different to that which pupils have received in previous settings.
  • Improve the quality of teaching and learning through the effective management of pupils. We see this as vital to raising standards across the curriculum.
  • Help our pupils to understand that their full participation is key to any future success, the bedrock of which is founded upon Acceptance, Accountability and Responsibility.
  • Provide opportunities for our pupils to experience the full expanse of education through valued experiences.
  • Build relationships with other schools thus creating the opportunity to share good practice.
  • Share a close working relationship with parents and carers of our pupils in search of continuity of positive influences whilst bringing about effective change to the lives of our pupils.
  • Raise the expectations of success amongst our pupils, their parents and the community at large, particularly with regard to their social and educational development.
  • Involve local businesses, industry and organisations in helping to effectively prepare pupils to progress into employment, uniformed services, further training or higher education, according to their individual abilities, aptitudes and ambitions.
  • Promote an educational culture that is enterprising, vocational and innovative. This culture will form the ethos of the school underpinned by a therapeutic and caring approach.
  • Raise the profile of individual pupils in accordance with the requirements of their Additional Educational Needs Statement in preparation for their possible reintegration into mainstream education.
  • Maintain contact with pupils following the end of their statutory education. The aim of this is to monitor them as they begin to make their way into adulthood after full-time education. This may take the form of helping them to assume the responsibility of finding accommodation or a job. We believe that the real work begins for our young people when they have to enter adult life. Our experience tells us that this is often their greatest hurdle and one which they need support throughout the early stages of this transition.

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