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Sixth Form

Opportunities to develop independence skills and prepare for the future

The Sixth Form is a place where students have the time to adapt from the familiarity of their school lives and an environment which they have been used to for a number of years to a more adult, mature environment where choices have to be made about the future.

Our aim is:

“To equip and prepare all our students for adult life so that they can lead full and productive lives as members of their own community”

We achieve this by:

Whilst in the Sixth Form, whether this is for one or two years, they are provided with opportunities to develop their independence skills and prepare for the future whilst continuing to follow learning pathways which are designed to develop both their life and personal skills. They will be exposed to a wide range of opportunities and experiences which will not only deliver qualifications at a level to suit the learners needs but also prepare them for the choices they will need to make about the future when they finally leave Hope View School.

Sixth Form Policy